Sunday, June 4, 2017

Casa Indonesia 2017 - June 1, 2017

Casa Indonesia 2017 is an annual exhibition event of Casa Indonesia magazine. It was the first time that I attended this event, and it was so cool. I got invited by Mbak Miranti (editor in chif of Casa Indonesia magazine)to the opening party and I was really looking forward to it. The exhibition which was held at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place was kinda like art mixed with furnitures and decors. Why I said art? Because they displayed installations and amazing works of art alongside the furnitures. Well, I think furniture and home decor are the part of art so I can see the red line here.

I took some photos while I was there.

This represented batik in mostly blue color.

This piano successfully captured my attention. This was super edgy and made everyone who played it looked even cooler. 

Even though I couldn't ride it, I loved this wooden bicycle.

I don't know what this is called but it's super cool. I reflected Gereja Biak Papua.

What is interior design without good decorations and lightings?

These guitars actually had thin figures. Love!

Another objects that I loved so much that night were these incredibly cute porcelain plates with animal paintings.

Overall, it was a truly creative event with lots of inspirations in it.

images by Firisa

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hey it's May 9th, 2017!

Helloooo it's been a while since I created the latest post. I've been thinking on writing something but haven't found the one that's worth a post, and now I'm back! Haha it's good to be back. This time, I actually don't write about something in particular-something about fashion, food and stuff-but I just want to share what I've been doing and working on.


Maybe not as cute as this (in a lace stop, sitting on a furry rug, and working with Macbook), but this is what takes my time the most - writing. I've been working on IN-FINITE Senayan City magazine project and going out for events like fashion shows and product launches. It's been very fun actually!

Obsessing over Cole Sprouse and Yamazaki Kento


 I think I've explained enough about Cole on my previous post. As for Kento, the first time I recognized him was when I watched A Girl & Three Sweethearts. Since then, I follow his updates and catch up with his previous movies like Orange, Heroine Disqualified and Mare (tv series). He acts adorably on tv commercials as well (which sometimes make me out of breath).

Watching makeup tutorials and people's routines on Youtube

I do this mostly everyday haha! It's really fascinating. My favorite people to watch are Rachel Nguyen, Fashion Mumblr, Sazan Hendrix, Rachel Talbott, Jessica Clements, and many more...

Watching Detective Conan the series

 Fyi, I don't want to miss every single episode of it. I absolutely fall in love with Kudo Shinichi, the character I wish he existed in the real world. The stories are amazingly genius, I love to find out the tricks behind the murder of the cases. Plus, there are so many eye candies in the story like Hattori Heiji, Kaito Kid, and Hakuba Saguru. I've reached ep. 530 and still going on. 

Living my life


Of course I have ups and downs but I'm trying to cope with it. There are times when I totally want to just vanish, but there are also times when I'm filled with joy. Just try to be grateful because no matter how difficult your situation is, there are people out there who face harder than yours #wise

image: google, tumblr


Thursday, February 16, 2017

GLICO WINGS Haku Green Tea ice cream

Finallyyyyy the wait is over! I've been dying to taste those delicious ice creams from Glico Wings which i think (sorry if i'm mistaken) come from the same group company as Glico Pocky. They are available at the convenience store at my office so it is very comfortable for me to go have them. This one flavour is my ultimate go-to so far which I'm really exciting about.

Let's talk about the packaging first. It has a similar box just like Pocky with the front opener, love!

Kind of important.

It comes with a thoughtful package. It's clean and neat. Quality comes first, guys. It follows the Japanese culture - always thorough when it comes to packaging.

Look at that smooth, green coating... The size for me is quite satisfying, not too big that will be overwhelming.

When i had a bite, it produced happiness... the ice cream is light and refreshing and fragrant with a good taste of green tea, and the outer green coating balances them all with its sweet milky flavor.

Overall, i will repurchase this :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Riverdale: The one I'm so obsessed with

I've been reading Archie comics for years and actually I've heard the news before that these series was planned to be a TV series. But it didn't go anywhere. And now the major lightning has struck. On Facebook, i follow Archie Comics page and they posted Cole Sprouse's (*excited*) picture with Jughead Jones as the background, saying that he would play that character. This built my excitement because Cole got so cool as an adult and he represents my favorite character of the comic.

I've wanted to post this so bad since the beginning, now the mood of writing has finally arrived. 

The casts are so suitable (and good-looking) for the Archie characters. I think that they successfully make the show even more alive. No other actor/actress can replace them, i guess. They got some serious acting skills there.

Cole Sprouse. I think that he is the one who makes me so eager to watch this show. At first, i heard that Ezra Miller-which is also my favorite actor-got offered for the part. But then i found out it was Cole who took it.. i couldn't be happier. Back to Cole. I can't post this blog without saving a space for him :D He definitely pulls the iconic hat off perfectly. With that sarcastic, observing attitude... love love love. Personally i can relate to Jughead because i own that attitude too, and i'm a writer as well, so. You can head on to to see more of Cole :p

i am SO IN LOVE with this set! It becomes REALLY REAL! i give my biggest admiration to those involved in creating this. THANK YOU!

So i can say that these series is 100% worth watching. The drama is excitingly mysterious and the team is still keeping the old ambience of Archie Comics. Even though there are some twists in the plot, but for me it's not that disappointing so far.

Oh, did i mention that this tv show has an incredible taste of music for its soundtracks? My favorite is Trouble by Cage The Elephant.

Can't wait to watch the upcoming episodes!

images by many source.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Trip to Yogyakarta part 2

December 4 - The last day

We decided to try the best gelato in town. Il Tempo Del Gelato. It reminded me of Gusto in Bali somehow. Ohh... endless options. 

I fell for praline and coconut chocolate chip flavor. It was hard to leave the thai tea flavor.

For late lunch, we ate at Pondok Cabe. I ordered a packet of grilled fish, sayur asem, rice, sambal and tempe mendoan. So goood. 

Were we in airport already...?!

Sadly we had to go back to Jakarta and the office the next day.

The glimpse of wayang at the airport.



A Trip to Yogyakarta

On December 2-4, 2016, the Special Project team (the team which I work with) had the chance to go for a short getaway to Yogyakarta. So now I want to share most of my journey from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. I was excited because this was the first time I took a train to other province in Indonesia, I really wanted to experience it.

December 2 - The first day

We gathered first at the office and decided to take the train (we rode on Bima executive train) from Jatinegara station due to the chaos near Gambir station (the demonstration).

To fulfill my hunger, I decided to go to Seven Eleven and instantly attracted to their onigiri. It was good but the filling was not too generous.

Finally, all aboard at 4.30 pm and we sat at the front. My friends on the pic above took the right side, I was on the left.  It was so comfy.

The view from my window.

We arrived at about 1.30 am, then we went straight to Punthuk Setumbu to see the sunrise.

Again, to fulfill my extremely hungry stomach, at a little kiosk near Punthuk Setumbu I first ordered Energen ginger flavour which was so comforting in the middle of cold winter at dawn, and Indomie was obligatory.

Then we went up the hill (in a form of stairs made of stone) to get to the upper part. The efforts paid off, the view was magnificent and calming, and this was the sunrise (I tried to capture it as good as I could). 

Next up, Gereja Ayam. It obviously looked sort of like a chicken or a bird maybe. It was quite interesting. I have to tell you that the most challenging part of getting to this place was the path that we had to go through. We literally went through the jungle and had to watch our steps. Thank God it didn't rain that time. When we reached the top floor of the church, the wind was so good we eventually slept in our chairs that time...

Finally, late lunch. We stopped at gudeg (traditional Yogya food) place to have gudeg of course. My meal comprised of rice, krecek, shredded chicken, gudeg, sambal and an egg. Delicious... miss it.

For the drink, I ordered teh tarik to warm my body a little bit.

Next destination was Ullen Sentalu Museum, a museum that preserves Javanese cultures and kingdom's histories.

They displayed such fascinating masks. Each color of the mask has its own meaning. The red ones mean evil, the white ones mean kind heart and the black ones mean eternity.

We were told that this jamu (Indonesian traditional drink) was kind of an anti-aging concoction and made from a secret recipe. Believe it or not.

The mueseum prepared a spot for photo. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the artifacts inside the several parts of the museum.

One of the objects that captured our eyes. We named each statue with yeah our names...

We checked in Vila Padi Pakem. It was sooo comfyyy.

Our favorite spot for sure!

My bedroom which I shared with my friend.

The first time I arrived in Yogya, I was craving for this so bad! It's a simple noodle with veggies, shredded chicken and delicious soup.

Then we went to Alun-alun Kota to spend our midnight. We easily attracted to this thing. We picked the one with Hello Kitty due to somebody's request... Don't get deceived, it's a bicycle.

This is hype.

Unique drink, kopi jos. It's a black coffee with charcoal in it.

See you on the next chapter, A Trip to Yogyakarta part 2!