Sunday, December 21, 2014

If I Stay (movie): Adam Wilde of Willamette Stone

He is one of the movie characters that I wish to be real. If you have watched 'If I Stay', you will know what I mean. This movie basically has a really beautiful story that made me tear up, especially in the last parts. But what I found most powerful in this movie that really brought it to the high level of total sweetness lies on a senior boy in high school named Adam Wilde. Why, you ask? Here's why:

1.For starter, he sees the beauty of a girl (well in this case, Mia) that no one had ever discovered before. He keeps peeking on her playing cello. I love the idea of a boy who peeks at a girl while she's doing her thing haha.

2.He has a life. He sings in a cool band, Willamette Stone, which has a cool genre & got lots of gigs. He sings cool songs, for example like 'Today' by the Smashing Pumpkins. Cool song for boys to sing.

3.Even though he has a cool successful life, he is not selfish. Well yeah at first he was because of the impacts of his dark personal life in family. But then he realized that he had to change if he didn't want to lose the only 'family' he got, Mia. He doesn't want to be the jerk who limits his girl to reach her dream.

4.He doesn't care about his girl's looks. You know the terrible time for girls when they're  worried about their look in front of their BFs because they might not like it. Adam Wilde is different. He doesn't care if his girl's style looks sweet or rebellious because he's too in love with her true personality. That's the boy worth keeping.

5.He makes time & shows his efforts without being too much. He climbs to his girl's room (except for this one, maybe). He gives a beautiful charm bracelet. He decorates his girl's room ceiling. He listens. He's humble. And all the sweetnesses of him. I know. This boy surely knows how to melt something, or someone.

Adam may be similar with Augustus Waters in 'The Fault in Our Stars' but I think Adam is more relevant in the real world because at least there's the time when he put his own thing before anyone else's & fought with his girl. I mean, every relationship has a fight, right?


Monday, December 15, 2014

Shot by Karl Lagerfeld - Chanel's 'Reincarnation'

Karl Lagerfeld is an absolute brilliant. His short films are so classic, timeless, luxurious, filled with things that can totally blow me away. I think to be a part of his film project is a huge honor and extremely enviable job. Speaking of which, let us go back to his recent breathtaking film project, "Reincarnation", related to his buzzing Chanel fashion show in Austria. The set is classically beautiful with extraordinary people who starred in this film, Cara Delevingne, Pharrell Williams, and Géraldine Chaplin

1. The paintings of Cara up on the wall. 
 I dont know who painted this, and i dont know if this is a real painting or just some kind of extremely hi-tech effect. I love how the painting captures Cara's expression. It looks mysterious and classy. It really illustrates Cara as a true English royal lady, with the perfect pout and rosy cheeks.

2.Cara actually sang.
She totally sang her parts well. For an unprofessional singer, she sounded perfect though. With her sexy low British voice, she could totally sing beautifully I think. So she could balance herself with Pharrell for their singing duet on this film.

3.They were actually freestyling!
This is the cute part for me I think. It shows that even though royal people seem so formal but sometimes they can just loosen up a little bit, even with a slow and flowy music. Cool dance moves. 

One more thing that i love about this movie is the boy that appeared in this movie. He even walked for Chanel's Salzburg fashion show. Fancy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Pizza Underground!!!

I think this is the strangest, most creative idea that could came up with. This group of people named themself The Pizza Underground and it's sort of a band, a funny, cool band from America. They tour around US. I hope that they visit Jakarta and have a showcase or whatever. I saw their performance in Brooklyn, NY, on Youtube and found it veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry amusing. They sang 'Baby's All Right' and in that song they talked about sausage, buffallo chicken, sauce, I thought, like, what....these people are funny and careless, which makes them cooler. They sang in straight faces and in 'unusual' melody, harmony, and lyrics of course. I think that this is one of the things that people should be doing, express their thoughts and creativity through a different work of art. Awesome stuff, you guys.

The members of the band: Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer, Austin Kilham, and Macaulay Culkin. Yes. The very own Macaulay Culkin that famously known for his role in Home Alone movies.

Another thing that makes me love this band is their Tumblr. They have a soooooo very creative Tumblr page. I inserted two of their pictures on my blog. I feel like I wanna print all that pictures onto plain T-shirts. I so wanna meet these people and share my experiences related


Friday, December 5, 2014

Songs-on-Repeat in My Childhood

When i listen to the songs that i will mention below, they just bring back so many memories of my childhood. i used to listen to these songs like everyday, took most of my time listening to them. and now i can use this playlist as a quick getaway from nowadays Top 40 charts... one thing that i'm really sure about is the fact that dads do influence their daughter's taste of music. maybe it's like a lifetime achievement for them, i dont know.

1. mr. jones by counting crows
2. everything you want by vertical horizon
3. short skirt/long jacket by cake
4. lost in space by lighthouse family
5. adia by sarah mclachlan
6. gravity by embrace
7. (everything from the corrs) *anexception*
8. beautiful ones by suedes
9. dont say you love me by m2m *thissongwastoosweetbackthen*
10. shiver by coldplay

sometimes i picture and imagine myself singing on stage with the guitar, with my bandmates, the drummer and another guitarist. that would be.......

Thursday, November 27, 2014


You might not believe me that the title of this blog is actually the brand of the product. I know, it's a long one. I'm talking about homemade natural lip scrub here that I bought yesterday from my college pal Yovia who has interest in making a range of beauty products. Fascinating business choice really *fascinated*. This lip scrub is in maple syrup flavour (I told you it is fascinating right?).  DELISH! Even other customers just buy it as a snack... I told her to make it in a bigger jar, cause people would keep licking their lips & dipping their fingers into the scrub. Even the smell of it makes me want to spread it on toasts. Cray.

How to use: just simply apply it to your lips, rub it gently, & rinse it with water. Put on lip balm/stain/tint/gloss/stick or whatever that is after that. Generally, in a recommended way, you can use lip scrub once a week.

You will no longer familiar with darkened & dry lips.

Your lips are no longer in a drought *kiss*

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lately we've been obsessed with...

You know for the last couple of weeks, mom and I had this serious daily beauty healthy routine to keep us going. Actually mom's more fanatic with this routine and it's a good thing so i can just follow and use anything she made. That's the perks of being a daughter i guess.
FIrst of all, it's purely natural homemade mask for face and neck. The mask that mom and i make is not actually look like the image above but it kinda represents what i mean. Mom just goes crazy with the mixture of her mask. She can add strawberries, lemon juice, banana, egg white, olive oil, even skin nutrient capsule or tablet! She crushes it. Yes. She just goes NUTS in making and blending it in the blender. The basic elements for the mask for us are egg white and olive oil. They do good for skin. Very easy, just apply the mask onto the face and neck and wait for like 20 minutes. Just dont forget the neck part.
Next is fresh smoothies. Then again, mom just goes crazy and keep experimenting with the ingredients. The basic ingredients that she usually picks are strawberries and banana. For the additional ingredients she adds lemon juice, broccoli, celery, papaya, apple, anything available in our refrigerator. That's her signature smoothie. One day she made this incredibly weird flavour of smoothie that was really unflattering. It was the mixture of avocado and thick paste of dates. It tasted so bad like you wouldnt believe. You can guess she forced us to finish it. It's like a nightmare. Thus, the last thing you can do is drink the smoothie in style like Rosie did.
This is the most basic thing that you will always need for the rest of your life. Super moisturizer. For me, the best time to apply it is at bedtime, the minute before you hit the bed. It will help you to regenerate your face and neck skin. Because at daytime, it's better to use SPF instead. Tbh i dont do this very often but i manage.



Thursday, November 6, 2014


 This was taken from the event in New York. Jamie Chung and Shay Mitchell had the best monochrome look. Jamie was cute and attractive with her fringe outerwear. Wearing it with black high-wasted shorts was a plus. Slightly natural look complimented her look even more. This is a great example. With this kind of look, keep the hair falling naturally. Shay had a great choice to wear black, simple, asymetric vest, teamed with white shirt. It represented her masculine side. The simple bun and her flawless make-up made her look even more classy.
And this is from the event in London. Always in a good good look. Alexa Chung as always showed her ultimate preppy style with a feminine touch. The black backpack gave her look a little twist so it wouldn't look boring. This is a smart and safe choice for the event. Not too casual and not too over the top. And of course, her cute bangs never gets old. For those who have figures like her especially the legs, mini high-wasted flare skirt would be the perfect outfit option. I personally highlighted the pastel pink tweed jacket which looked so amazing on her, and on us. It gave her the effortlessly cool look, without even trying. 


Thursday, October 16, 2014


There's always a time when you got bored with the playlist on the radio. When you just constantly change the frequency but nothing to listen to. Even Chanel Iman on the above-picture feels the same. Well then, let me help you to refresh your playlist a little bit. It's flattering, at least for me. I'm quite sure that these songs are not the ones they usually play on the radio on the regular day. I will tell you the songs and the artists, and let the lyrics do the talking...

1. Weekend by Smith Westerns: "Her tears are never ending. You run away but stop pretending. What do you think? Is it normal? To go through life oh so formal?"

2. Backstabber by the Dresden Dolls: "When you only sleep with girls who say they like your music. Backstabber! hope grabber! Greedy little fit haver! God I feel for you fool Shit lover! off-brusher! Jaded bitter joy crusher! Failure has made you so cruel. Rotten to the core."

3. One of Us by Joan Osborne: "And yeah, yeah, God is great. Yeah, yeah, God is good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Just a stranger on the bus Trying to make His way home?"

4. Stay by Hurts: you just gotta listen to this cause it's too dramatic. i cant even type the lyrics

5. Chemistry by One Night Only: "Take me somewhere I don't know, Watch all the people then below, We've got all the time in the world."

6. Piledriver Waltz by Arctic Monkeys: "I heard the news that you're planning. To shoot me out of a cannon. I heard the piledriver waltz. It woke me up this morning"

7. Bad Girls by M.I.A: " Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well. Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well."

8. The Best Thing by Mocca: "I've got the best thing in the world. And this screw little world. Let's hold hand together. And there will be lots and lots of love. It is the thing that really matters in this world..."


Saturday, October 11, 2014


Wish that every demon-killer could be looking like this. I personally underestimated the movie though but i found it interesting & unpredictable. He's got a good combination of messy-looking man, model, actor, and musician. The band called THE DARLING BUDS. He modeled for Burberry, which is great because the brand is legendary and came from his nation. It was a pity that he & Bonnie Wright broke off the engagement. They were a really cool former-couple, like Alex Turner-Alexa Chung & George Craig-Emma Watson.

Just click the above link & you will see his cool performance.

Friday, October 3, 2014


This is Freedom Institute, Jakarta. One of the coolest library in Indonesia. Ghina introduced me to this place so yaaay to her. The first time i laid eyes on this public library, i knew that this place was really something. Cool architecture, very calming & soothing ambience. Perfect for reading. It has lots of cool books, mostly acedemic. In short, i just love love love being in this place.

Proklamasi street, No. 41, Menteng, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province 10320

images: blogspot,

Sunday, September 28, 2014


This is from Taylor Swift's  Red Tour in Jakarta June 4, 2014. She sang about 13 songs and we just couldnt get enough of it. It was like a mass karaoke.

photo taken from: personal sources

Friday, September 19, 2014


FUNNY GUY AROUND!!! BEEN WATCHING HIS SILLY SWEET ACTS SINCE YEARS AGO. he is smart, he graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (if i'm not mistaken), and not just an ordinary actor but he is a screen-writer as well. lovely.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Supassra Thanachat

This pretty, interesting funny girl got my attention at the moment. She's from Thailand, obviously. The first time I spotted her was when I watched Hormones the series. She got the part as Sprite, a sexually liberated girl, who I think is silly because she can do it in her school laboratory. More of her big shots on screen are coming ahead. Then I started to google her & found her Instagram (@supassra_sp). She has so many interesting & beautiful pictures that is worth to post. In short, she is a pretty little beauty from a country of white elephant.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Im gonna start at the very beginning of the movie. I just love the music arrangements at the very beginning, when the scene showed “all children grow up. Except one” *aaaaaa-aaaaaa*. I was just trying to sing it :D if you havent watched this, you better, cause this movie is so good & magical. Ive watched this million times & never got bored. I never do.

1.                  1. Jason Isaac did a very good job in playing his parts, George Darling & Hook. First, I love it when George Darling tried to make a quick conversation with his boss. The moment when he stuttered like this: “um-uh-sp-sp” when he tried to say ‘splendid’. That was hilarious :D. Second, Hook’s expression when he couldn’t understand Princess Tiger Lilly’s language. Third, the moment when he said “how like a girl” to Wendy. It’s a funny sarcasm. Fourth, his legendary self-writing song *to-toooral-looral-loooo*.

2.                   2. Wendy Darling’s lips. What a perfect pout. She looked so gorgeous in her school uniforms and her braid hair.

3.                   3. Peter Pan himself. His adorable face, SMILE, LAUGHTER (it's haunting me…in a good way, so I had to press caps-lock button), tears & sobs, innocence, sweetness. All that. Falling for him over & over again. Oh & one more thing which was really powerful. His magic wordsss *I-DO-BELIEVE-IN-FAIRIES-I –DO-I-DO*

4.                    4.  Tinkerbell!!! Yesss. Her gestures & mimicks were so sensational.

5.                   5. Mr. Smee. Oooh my he’s a quite mean yet hilarious, kind-hearted pirate. The best scene of him is when he made his funny laughter then said “did you hear her hit the water? Cause I didn’t.”

6.                   6. The Lost Boys’ expressions when Peter Pan hid between them to save them on the boat.

7.                   7. THIS! When Peter & Wendy crawled to watched fairy’s dance. Peter smiled at Wendy & held her hand :’). When they watched the dance, Peter smiled with his heart at Wendy & turned his face straightly as soon as Wendy noticed it :D. And they did a magical fairy dance :’) Peter loved Wendy so deeply but too consistent not to grow up & troubled by feelings.

8.                8.That dramatic scene when Hook’s trying to bring Peter down by breaking his heart & talking about Wendy leaving him. Peter looked so crushed & way too sad, until he chose to die cause he couldn’t have Wendy anyway. And then, of course, THE KISS, or you may call it 'the thimble', changed him ;)

Everyone, every single one of you who took a part of making this movie, did a REALLY GREAT JOB!

To live… would be an awfully big adventure,

Firisa Ardianti