Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ready in Minutes!

I would say that OREO has eagle eyes to know the opportunities in the comfort food industry. KEEP EVOLVING, OREO! NEVER STOP EVOLVING!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Food I'm Absolutely Dying to Taste

When i'm hungry, i just go crazy on the internet looking for mouthwatering food pictures. it's like a torture, it makes you even more starving. like right now. it's no use, but i'm doing it anyway. it gives an unusual pleasure.

Buttermilk Totoro Pancakes & Bacon (

The Broccoli Roast (

Vampire Mouth Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies (

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Can Money Buy Happiness?

"Money can't buy happiness". "Money can buy happiness. Don't be so naïve.

I've heard these arguments million times, because it's indeed arguable and it depends on people's personal perspectives. So i want to try to enlighten you with a theory from Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project (self-help book). I found it quite fair and objective.

"Can money help buy happiness? The answer: yes, used wisely, it can. Whether rich or poor, people make choices about how they spend money, and those choices can boost happiness or undermine it. It's a mistake to assume that money will affect everyone the same way. No statistical average could say how a particular individual would be affected by money - depending on that individual's circumstances and temperament. After a lot of thinking, I identified three factors that shape the significance of money to individuals:

It depends on what kind of person you are.
Money has a different value to different people. You might love to collect modern art, or you might love to rent old movies. You might have six children and ailing, dependent parents, or you might have no children and robust parents. You might love to travel, or you might prefer to putter around the house. You might care about eating organic, or you might be satisfied with the cheapest choices at the grocery store.

It depends on how you spend your money.
Some purchases are more likely to contribute to your happiness than others. You might buy cocaine, or you might buy a dog. You might splurge on a big-screen TV, or you might splurge on a new bike.

It depends on how much money you have relative to the people around you and relative to your own experience.
One person's fortune is another person's misfortune. 

You decide.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015


the beautifully silly Disney characters are now coming with emojis that are even sillier.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

how to be grunge

i found this amazing article. credits to Dan Martin

"Cynicism, apathy and, like, whatever, man."


 I picked my tribe a long time. As a bookish 13-year-old Brit just getting turned on to rock'n'roll, I picked grunge and never really looked back. It's of course completely rational to mould your entire adult identity around a sub genre of music that you were just that little bit too young to experience first hand and geographically nowhere near. Never mind that this was the 90s and telecommunication amounted to little more than tin cans on the ends of strings.

The better part of my years as a music journalist was spent trying to enact a Grunge revival; straight-facedly talking up bands like Cage The Elephant as the next major event in youth culture and putting together tribute issues for various anniversaries of Nevermind.

This compulsion came from outsider's anxiety, since, as a pasty teenager in the north of England who was turned onto this far-flung subculture (and as a consequence, pretty much everything else) by Nevermind blowing up, I was by definition, part of the problem. I could never be grunge enough. How could I be? The truly grunge gave up on Nirvana in 93, and a year later Kurt Cobain would kill himself because he was getting too much attention from people like me. Grunge was probably the genre that originated the attitude of turning on your favourite artists as soon as they became commercially successful.'s scientific list of grunge attitudes lists; 'strive for apathy and underachievement'; 'act like you don't care, even if you do'; 'usually have cynical and negative outlooks upon life'; 'respect women and reject jocks'.
Grunge was born because so few people cared what was going on in Seattle that the bands were able to feed and breed off each other in a bubble. It was a hybrid of punk's energy and politics and metal's insularity and down tuned chords. It mixed the feral fuzz of the former and the rhythmic complexity of the latter. Kurt once described Nirvana as a mixture Black Sabbath, Black Flag and The Beatles. So it follows that the true grunge fan will take a gene from both parents too, a mix of nihilistic apathy mixed with bookish precision. When you're grunge, you can maintain a righteous disillusionment with absolutely everything while still alphabetising your record collection. Screw the music, here was a genre that had me at hello! And so in my happy place, I will always be sat stapling together my fanzine in a Seattle coffee house circa-93, while my straight best friend performs open-mic poetry about his issues while people do smack in the corner.

Grunge is the ideal tribe for somebody who was never really part of it in the first place, because at the time, nobody really wanted anything to do with it. Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd said years later, "That's just marketing. It's called rock and roll, or it's called punk rock or whatever. We never were Grunge, we were just a band from Seattle." You could even argue that his immense discomfort with celebrity meant the word 'grunge' played a part in Kurt's suicide, but let's not go there.

But Grunge has form as the genre that never wanted to be. In the early-90s feeding frenzy, the Seattle scene was getting attention from the success of its sons and daughters and so its sons and daughters were getting issues about their success. This was a time when Seventh Avenue was co-opting plaid and flannel, and Marc Jacobs was straight-facedly hailed "the guru of grunge."
One such un/welcome piece of attention came in the form of New York Times reporter Rick Marin in 1992, who was writing a piece about this hot new trend which was "coming soon to a high school or mall near you."

Wanting the skinny of the Grunge street-speak, which of course, obviously definitely existed, Marin called up the offices of scene hub Sub Pop Records to find out. Receptionist Megan Jasper was unimpressed enough to while away the afternoon making up a list of terms off the top of her head. And so the Times helpfully printed a sidebar to its feature; 'The Lexicon Of Grunge: Breaking The Code'. A 'lame stain' was an uncool person, a 'harsh realm' was a bummer, a 'cob nobbler' was a 'loser', a 'dish' a desirable guy. To be 'bound-and-hagged' was to be staying home on a Friday night; if you were a 'bloated, big bag of bloatation' then you were drunk, while 'swingin' on the flippity-flop' meant simply hanging out.

It was a comprehensive directory, nobbled only by the fact that nobody actually said any of that stuff at all. The Times was outraged when The Baffler magazine exposed the hoax and demanded they fax over an apology for suggesting they had published misinformation, believing that their writer, Thomas Frank, had got it wrong. Frank responded with realness. "When The Newspaper of Record goes searching for the Next Big Thing and the Next Big Thing piddles on its leg," he wrote, "we think that's funny." Things were so much more fun before we had Google, weren't they?

Musically, grunge is just as inscrutable. Plenty of the bands most fondly associated with it, like Pixies and Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, actually had very little to do with it. Sitting alongside Nirvana and Soundgarden and Alice In Chains are Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl's presence doesn't make you grunge); Bush (watered-down Brit-grunge), the Presidents Of The United States Of America (okay, actually from Seattle but just no) and Cage The Elephant. Actually Cage The Elephant, I really like you, sorry guys you don't deserve this. A few years ago I joined London grunge descendants Yuck on their US tour in Seattle, for a magazine feature because we thought it would be the most hilarious wheeze. They didn't get the joke at all, which of course, was the grunge-est response they could possibly have made.

So screw you, place and time. Grunge is a state of mind, and I'm off to get like a bloated, big bag of bloatation while y'all sit there all bound and hagged. If you need me I'll just be swingin' on the flippity-flop, lame stains.,,,

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Dream Homecooks: Brothers Green

You know how chefs should always be creative and innovative and should think out of the box and stuff? I think these two bastards in cooking did a good job, let's say for making a food to eat and fill the stomach. That's it. Who cares about plating and garnishes or representation. It's gonna be eaten anyway. Boys got the point there. I would want a kitchen like theirs, and i would want to have them as my homecooks, especially when i have absolutely nothing to eat, combine, fry, etc. Because...THEY CAN ABSOLUTELY CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING. They look quite innocent, right? But they are not, innocent. They have so much cheats & hacks for cooking.

I mean, who can possibly add bubblegums to homemade savory sauce just to get a little sweetness? Just, what exactly are they thinking. Hilariously good, they are. Besides making ridiculously weird and mouthwatering dishes, they can totally kill the boredoms if they became my personal homecooks by showing their silly acts. Bonus.

They sing.

They're having fun.

They explore.

They're the it guys.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Today's living beauty: Courtney Eaton

the australian actress and model who happens to have a perfect beauty and cool career at such a young age.

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4th of July, 2015

4th of July may be the happiest day and worth celebrating, but i claim this day as one of the most embarrassing moments i've ever experienced especially in the beginning of my career journey.

ps: make sure you type your instant message in the right group chat before you send it.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How I Love ED by Ellen Degeneres

Recently i just made myself so embarrassed. I just noticed that Ellen Degeneres has a killer fashion sense. Not by wearing too avant-garde thing or any glamorous dress (I doubt she would wear it), but by wearing elegant and simplistic outfit like suits, shirts and trousers that are perfectly fitted, and nice unisex footwears.

The good news is she launched her own fashion line whooooooooooo! It's called ED by Ellen Degeneres and I love every single piece of the collections. It has sweaters and knitwears, shirts, trousers, tees, and jackets with a full reflection of Ellen. You can say, "oh it's sooo Ellen."

Now this is my favorite from knitwear collections. It's a classic tennis sweater with lovely pastel and navy color. With a nice touch of classic watches, you'll look effortlessly cool.

Kindness. That's the word Ellen always spreads. So unsurprisingly Ellen put the word onto a tee. A really nice tee indeed. That's the tee worth wearing.

YES! A nice trouser with a nice and perfect cutting. Suitable with almost everything. Thank Ellen. Imagine yourself slipping your hands into its pockets to create a cool appearance... 

Shirts+Seersucker Jacket+Shorts all by ED by Ellen Degeneres=perfect chic and boyish look. I love it, top to bottom.

PLATES! CERAMIC PLATES! How adorable. They will make your food worth to post on Instagram right? They're handmade, handpainted in Thailand (another wow factor), and safe for dishwasher and microwave.

ED by Ellen Degeneres also has ranges of accesories like totes, caps, and cute animal jewelries for basic and daily usage. Irresistible.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Best French Thriller Novel: Alex

I got this novel from my friend, Derina, about a month ago as a gift for my thesis defense. The first time i looked at the cover, i got excited about this book already. I read the reviews and found out that this book was about killings and torturing. I was like, whoa okay. Then I started  to read it. The plot of the story is set in France which makes it more interesting. And i flipped pages to pages. I was blown away. This book is genius. Lemaitre tells every single detail about the tortures that the antagonist did. I was not really sure if i could handle this and i didn't know if i could keep reading this, because when i read something, i would imagine things that happen in the story. So of course i imagined the tortures, killings, and the evil things that written in the story. I was all ready to throw up, believe me. That's a complete horror.

This version of cover is even creepier. I say this book is genius because Lemaitre reveals the dark secrets that you haven't thought before at the end of the story, and i'm not saying this generally but i think it's really unpredictable. You should read this. So thank you Derina. This Alex book becomes series, there are Camille, and Irene. So excited.  


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guilty Pleasure: On The Road Again Tour Indonesia 2015

I'm just posting these photos for my private consumption actually. So i can access these photos again whenever i want if i didn't have any back-up data. And i took them with my Blackberry, so i'm sorry for the not-so-good quality of the pictures. The memories stay in my mind.

These are Louis' photographs. I took so many photos of him because he stood in front of me so often so i can took it easily. Tell you what, he looked a lot better in real life......... and it's not big of a deal when he looked at me for seconds.

Now these are Harry's photographs. He didn't look that charming that night because he pulled back his hair with hair tie, so. As usual, he blew kisses and showered the crowds with mineral water.

This is the one that i was dying to meet, to see very clearly, Niall James Horan. I looked at his face & figures so clearly.

I am so glad and i am so thankful i had the chance to see them live and so clear. I can conclude that Louis & Niall.......what a display of men i've ever seen.......................

This is embarrassing but pleasurable.