Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Anya Hindmarch probably loves Mothercare & Carrefour

When i'm bored, i always try to think of something or someone to be googled on the internet, mostly about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Because that 'something' or 'someone' sometimes has a unique website or blog or tumblr. Yesterday, i thought of Olivia Palermo, so i googled her & remembered that she had her own website. Found it, clicked it.

Then i found this

Yes, you got that right. It's a symbol of Carrefour the grocery store. Totally love the jumper by the way.

And then, this.

It's Mothercaaaaaaaaaare :''''''DDD love the bag!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

That Time I Made My Own Pizza

Sunday, January 17th 2016.

It was raining, at around 3:50 pm. I sat on my parents' bed watching Monte Carlo. It was a typical sunday, really. Then i got a text from my dad, and then my mom. They just commanded me & my brother to go to my uncle's place, immediately. I changed my clothes in a rush. Thank God i have the ability to decide what to wear efficiently. One quick question from my dad, "do you & ur brother want sirloin?". Yes. It's unquestionable. My love for steaks is unconditional. So i assumed that we're about to have BBQ like we had on NYE party.

At 5 pm, i hopped into GrabCar.

I arrived at around 6. My cousins just sitting on a couch watching movie on Netflix. My uncles, parents, & aunt were just having a casual conversation. I walked to the table, there were two slices of pizza, mom said that my uncle made them himself. It was so good, light, and soft. Then i had steak, it was so juicy & delicious, very well-seasoned. It also made by my uncle. He was pretty good at cooking. It was slightly pink on the inside, my absolute favorite.

After having those indulging meals, i sat on the couch just browsing through the list of movies, trying to decide what to watch. From action to romance, believe me, we ended up watching silly videos that my brother picked on Youtube. Classic.

Wow it's been a long time since the last time i wrote a post this long.

Pizza-making time has arriiiiiiiiived! So excited. The dough has already done so it's a lot easier for me & my cousin to just act like Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver.

So here's how it started. First we kneaded the pizza dough on the wood board, but we spread the flour onto the board and our hands before kneading. The dough was so delicate & kinda sticky, but we managed it well. I put a little amount of olive oil on the baking tray, the circle one. At first we tried to make a thin crust with a bottle, because we didnt have a rolling pin. We failed. So we just simply put the dough on the tray & spread it with our 'pretty' little fingers to the edge (sadly we couldnt do the hand-tossing method). Uncle made the tomato sauce himself & it was yummy, i poured it on top of the dough. Cousin grated the cheese (it was parmesan & mozzarella) & believe me, when you do it yourself, be generous on the tomato sauce & cheese. They will never fail you. Pre-heat the oven (200 Celcius degree), bake it for 10 minutes. Let it do the magic.

Ta-daaaaaaaa! Scrumptious....

We happened to have another batch of dough. So my cousin gave an idea to turn it into mini pizza. She cut the dough into six pieces, we did the same steps like the first pizza, but we used a square tray. This time, we decided to add another topping, smoked beef. I fried the nicely chopped smoked beef, didnt need to add some oil because the smoked beef would release its natural fat & juices. Add the smoked beef & extra extra cheese on top of the dough. Same baking method.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"LENTERA" - IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana

November 30th, 2015 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

One note: when i got here, i was in a super-starving condition. Thank God i got the stamina

Let's get to it.

One of the best moments of the show was poetry reading by Andien Aisyah, it was a perfect way to open the show.

Then the fashion presentation began.

Highlight's on the unique shillouette of the simple black dress

 Clever choice to pair a straight cutting dress with black tights. This look really shows a really cool, modern vibe, completed with a traditional touch on the ankle boots

This is the example of nowaday's trend - slipping our hands in the pocket. Maxi dress with pockets is definitely superb. And after all, it's Hege Wollan that wore it. What could be cooler than that?

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Maxi dress with cutout details is very suitable for slim & slender figure. Not to mention the ah-mazing skintone!!! The model seriously wowed me.

A perfect night look.

I dare you to wear two-piece with...tights & bare your belly

This one is my favorite look for men. Classic preppy style with a twist on the shorts. I always love the idea of teaming turtleneck top with cardigan and any other outerwear. Elegant & genius. You can look super stylish in an easy way possible, without having too much drama. Effortlessly chic.

Adorable. Peek-a-boo touch on the front and playing with maroon scarf.

Legs! Super creative with patchwork playing. This look is out of this world.

Edgy. You gotta have the attitude to pull this off.

It's a classic. It kinda reminds me of Alexa Chung

See you at another fashion show i think.

images: Firisa Ardianti

Sunday, January 10, 2016

STUDIO 133 BIYAN S/S 2016 Fashion Show

So thankful I got a chance to see the incredible and stunning collections by Biyan Wanaatmadja, one of the greatest fashion designers in Indonesia. The venue was set to be quite intimate, with a warm and comfortable ambience from the woods. The lighting was golden and it made the show even more beautiful.

My favorite guests were Mesty and Arti Ariotedjo, absolutely. They both looked so amazing and charming. It's like the inner beauties just came out of them. They were also very humble and kind, those things matter to me. My favorite models were participating too. Reti Ragil, Dominique Diyose, Paula Verhoeven, Marcella Tanaya and sooo many others I can't even mention all of them. Effortlessly, stunning.

I'm gonna talk about the women's wear.

The signature accessories are tassel necklace, bold headpice, and hoop earrings. Very pretty. I just admire the pattern playing that Biyan adopted for the pieces, the loose cuttings and the fabrics that fall perfectly. It shows a nice spirit of youth in an elegant way.
Two of the sophisticated dresses with a touch of traditional patterns. They have my favorite length which is midi. It's really wearable for any occasion.

The makeup was perfect by using earthy tones so the beauty of Asian skin could be presented. It was completed by the sleek pull-back hair do.
Mostly, the collections were about Uzbekistanis ikat, checks, embroidery, laces etc. To make them more fun and wearable, Biyan put them onto loose shirts, culottes, shirt dresses, kebaya, cropped pants, etc. It really brings a modern vibe.

images: Firisa Ardianti, instagram.com/studio133biyan