Monday, February 29, 2016


I found this amazing yet refreshing magazine, Frankie, in my cousin's room. I've never heard of this magazine before so just call me a late-bloomer.

This is a total page-turner. Every page was made in different concepts. But the things that made me most exciting are the articles. The articles are straight out of the writer's brain, and they reflect so much freedom.

Here are the articles that interested me:

1.The popularity of photos or videos that capture animals cuteness. We found it everywhere - mostly on the internet - and, unconsciously, it touches your heart. Let's be real, I bet you said 'aaawww' (it is the very least), or felt so peaceful and happy when you saw pics or vids of animals cuteness. It's more than just funny, it's all of us. I mean, people rarely write about this, right? Especially for magazine article. 

2.I like this kind of section. It highlights suggestions from people with various backgrounds. I was easily inspired.

Another thing that attracts me is the photographs for each article. The picture doesn't always literally represents the article, but it depends on the writer's perspective about how they want to illustrate but still related to the story. It's super creative and far from boredom, so people who read the article can have different point of view.  

I think, this magazine really appreciates simple ideas, even ridiculous ones. But turns out that it's really really amusing. Real, light and creative. It proves that any ideas really do matter.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

I Got My Eyes on: NYFW Fall 2016

You know that everybody's buzzing about New York Fashion Week Fall 2016. I found it on every website, mostly fashion ones. In order to keep up with all those things, which is kinda boring sometimes, I have found that amazes me so far. It's DELPOZO collections.

 I just admire the structure of the tube dress and the pleat skirt.

It's a brand new definition of Fall season

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Monday, February 15, 2016


A cool TOY STORY sweater. Very easy to pair with.

A MOSCHINO BUTTERCUP chain sling bag! My absolute go-to bag

You got me, Moschino. You really got me.

A group of Dalmatian dogs stormed the classic Vans sneakers and it instantly becomes a fantastic idea

images by The Blonde Salad

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I didn't come here by accident. I came here because of the BNI Emerald Cooking Experience, a cooking class event collaborated with Modena (the famous kitchen appliances company from Italy). The day before I went there, I googled the place first. It was amazing. So i had the expectation and I was fully satisfied with it.

It turned out the place was so stunning. The concept was modern minimalist with an eclectic touch. When I first entered the place, I was blown away..

This is the living room. Cozy as it looks.

You just saw the first picture, right? This beautiful painting is located on the right side of the living room. It caught my attention instantly.

This is meant to be the dining room. It's the essences of sophistication and stylishness that come simultaneously. I can imagine myself enjoying great meals and having beautiful drinks and desserts.

Now let's talk about the kitchen. This is the kitchen that, I believe, can make me to cook and bake more often. It's spacious, stylish, well-equipped, and super comfortable.

This is what I love the most about Modena Experience Center, its collections of refrigerator! 

Besides wandering around, I also got the chance to get involved in the cooking class. I made this, Salmon en Croute. It's actually pretty easy. What you need to prepare is a good salmon fillet & cream cheese, then you're good to go.

Oooh the scrumptious Chocolate Molten Cake with Berry Compote made by Chef Yudha Bustara. This is out of this world!!!


Monday, February 8, 2016


i'm always mad for onesies, especially for babies. i just can't stand the cuteness that comes with it. but i'm not gonna talk about onesies for babies here, i'm gonna talk about the ones for adults. it's undoubtedly comfortable, it makes you feel cozy but doesn't make you look ridiculous. it's so great and perfect for pajamas party or your typical me time.

nowadays, people wont's stop inventing and renovating something including onesies.

just look at the detail on the back. interesting, i can be a dino for a day

this one is my ultimate favorite. it reminds me of a fantasy land, where you can get all the sweetness in life like cotton candy flavored food. see, unicorns do exist!