Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Quick Trip to Bandung

Weeks ago, we planned a one-day trip to Bandung, just to get away from a hectic daily life and have some refreshments. Personally i was aiming for the exciting culinary adventure there.


The first time we arrived in Bandung, we headed to Farmhouse. It's been so famous lately especially on Instagram. Overall the place is nice, clean and pretty.

The first passage

We had to pass through them first, the guys inspired by the Texas Chainsaw. They're not scary, just annoying ;p

I didn't really get the concept here, is it for happy family getaway or a town of terror?

I found this cute store which sold very cute handicrafts.

Pretty pretty flowers in pooots

Cute magneeets!

They have home decorations as well.

There are cages of many kinds of animals too.

Feed and play with them.

This is one of my favorite shots. The cat looks so on point!


The first stop of our culinary trips started here.

They have giant koi fish.

This was my order for our late lunch at 2 pm. It's Monster Burger. It's so delicious and fulfilling, with tasty french fries, patty, melted cheese and giant stack of onion fritters. It's absolutely satisfying.

Overall, the place's so nice and comfy .


Next was this cute litte dessert shop. It sells ice creams with various toppings, delightful whoppie pies and others.

The front look.

The use so many kinds of floaties as decorations on the wall. This Tootsie Roll was one of them. 

This was my order, cheese whoppie pie with fruity pebbles. God it's so good and indulging... Overall, the prices are reasonable.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Disney & Coach Collaborate in a Cutest Way Possible

I just found out this morning that this collab exists. The collections are literally super cute and stylish, mostly using leather material resulting a coolest look. Even though it's super cute having fashion stuff you wear since you were an itsy bitsy kid, the collections are simple and versatile, so you don't really have that too-childish vibe - in short, it's totally wearable for us young adults.

Love that cute little sling bag very much

The sling-bags in these collections are to die for!

I love every single thing that are shown in the picture. The mustard leather skirt, the brown tote bag, THE SNEAKERS - oh God.

Even I'm falling in love with the men's collections. Especially the messenger bag. It is totally okay to wear cartoonic thing once in a while though ;) The design is not too overwhelming for boys.

Aced it! It has the feminine and tomboy style at the same time. Such a perfection in simplicity.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Marchesa Resort 2017

Flower petals and dreamy ladylike color palette never get old, and so does Marchesa. It never fails to amaze me with those extremely genius design & shillouette, making women look so beautiful & gorgeous in an instant.These are my favorite looks of the collections...

Even though Marchesa uses this gloomy color, the result is still an elegant classy look which is supported by the embroidery details.

I would wear this piece with a simple & plain gold necklace.

 Absolutely stunning!



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Giorgio Armani Resort 2017

I am instantly falling in love with the collections. It is super chic and feminine. I curated my favorite looks, just to show you how brilliant they are. The 2017's resort collections just keep getting better & better! God I can't take this anymore!

Love the cardigan, love the wide-leg pants, love the red shiny loafers. The pairings of red and navy-blue color are perfect.

The blazer is amaziiing!

Love it from head to toe!

What a cute combination!

This is strikingly fashionable!

A casual look that I absolutely adore! I mostly love the shorts and the jacket.

The shoes are genius.

The color palletes are very calming. If I wore this, I would be happy instantly. For me, there is something about this look that can affect the mood, in a positive way.

When i look at this outfit, I am thinking about a semi casual night out and good laughs that I'll have all night.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Erdem Resort 2017

Resort 2017 collections are starting to come. Let's begin with Erdem. Here are my favorite looks from the collections.

My Top 6 Must-Click Online Sites

When I'm feeling bored or running out of ideas, I have some websites that I always visit almost everyday. I naturally thinking about websites with themes that I have a passion for, like food, fashion and lifestyle. And those passions lead me to:

Harper's Bazaar

As one of the top leading fashion magazines in the world, of course this is my go-to website.


 There are so many interesting articles that open my mind. It reveals some of the coolest trends which are very age-appropriate.


I love this website so much. It is well-updated. I feel so much easier to keep up on fashion seasons on this website.

The Blonde Salad

My ultimate favorite fashion blogger personal web. Owned by Chiara Ferragni, this website is super user-friendly. The articles are truly interesting, very informative. The outfit ideas and fashion trends that she present on her web are very versatile and fabulous. I don't doubt her ability to do fashion stuff for sure. It's not just about fashion, she also gives beauty, hair and makeup tips that are so applicable. Super love!


This online fashion site is very useful especially to find outfit ideas for daily basis.

BuzzFeed Quizzes

It has so much fun quizzes, perfect for killing boredoms. My favorite quizzes are the ones related to personality, food, Harry Potter and celebrities.